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In 2016, VIBGYOR proudly launched its new brand of schools- VIBGYOR Roots (Pre-school) and VIBGYOR Rise (High School), a new division of the VIBGYOR Group of Schools proposed to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Vibgyor Roots Preschool is one of the best preschools providing quality education for kids during their early learning days.

VIBGYOR Roots, the preschool division is synonymous to the word roots, and will focus on strengthening the students’ foundation years. It will focus on the holistic development, imparting quality education in a play-way method, amidst the best atmosphere, facilitating easy reception by the students.

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At VIBGYOR, the educational philosophy is based on the Holistic principles of learning where the emphasis is on the overall development of the child: intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. Aiding this holistic grooming of the child are the four quadrants of our schooling system - Academics, Events and Activities, Teaching Faculty, Infrastructure and Amenities.
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