At VIBGYOR, we take the safety and security of our students as our highest priority. Whether in our classrooms or school buses or other areas, we have incorporated a wide variety of the latest safety features for our parent’s peace of mind.

CCTV Coverage

Our classrooms, corridors, staircases and all other public areas are monitored by CCTVs.

Background Verification

All our staff members – teaching and non-teaching, have their personal details and employment history comprehensively vetted by our internal team as well as appropriate government authorities.

Child Friendly Furniture

Edges of all wooden items on campus are banded with soft, rounded material for added safety.

Toughened Glass

The glass used on campus is of a superior, toughened grade which reduces the risk of cracks and breakage.

Nontoxic Paints

Only paints having low volatile non-toxic contents are used across our schools for the good health of our students and teachers.

Secured Ceiling Fans

All ceiling fans are checked at regular intervals and are additionally attached to the ceiling by means of steel wires and metal clips.

Toilet Safety

Anti-skid vitrified tiles are used in our toilets to avoid slipping. Additionally, there are female attendants present around the toilet area during school hours.

Swimming Pool Safety

All our swimming pools have their depth restricted to 1.5m. Additionally, there are other precautionary aspects in place, like the presence of a lifeguard at all times, floats, buoys and other safety gear.

Nontoxic Toys

All our playing and learning equipment have been specifically sourced keeping in mind the health of our young students. We have a strict-no policy for inferior quality, gimmicky toys and games which could pose to be potential health hazards for our students.

First Aid Kits

There are numerous first-aid kits and emergency boxes placed at strategic locations – in and around school buildings, open campuses and school buses. Our nurses are well- experienced and appropriately trained to deal with unforeseen medical situations and emergencies.

No Unauthorised Entry

Our school security systems are supplemented with stringent measures, in terms of trained personnel and administrative staff, vigilant teachers and the latest digital technologies. School security protocols include only highly restricted access and verified student pickups, leading to superior safety and peace of mind.

Student Tracking

Various types of student movement tracking and other monitoring tools are available for our parents on our mobile app.

Soft Doors

Soft-closing hydraulic door closers are provided for all doors to minimize chances of injury.

Secured Staircases

All front edges of staircase treads have been roughened to avoid slippages. Open staircases are not provided, instead, there is an entire wall dividing two adjacent flights of stairs, along with holding railings on both sides.

Secured Outside Areas

Roughening of granite and other flooring tiles are carried out in all outside areas which are exposed to rainwater and hence are less prone to slippages.

Active Fire Alarms

All our schools are equipped with the latest fire alarm systems to tackle most types of potential fire hazards. Training sessions and mock fire drills are regularly carried out to tackle any emergency.

Special Wood Flooring

Only high-grade wooden flooring is provided in dance rooms for better mobility and softness while your children are practising dance.

Secured Lifts

Automatic Rescue Device is provided in all our lifts, along with CCTV monitoring and emergency power supply. Our lifts are operated by trained female attendants during school hours.

Children’s Play Area

Superior quality, soft rubber flooring is installed in all play areas so that your little ones can freely play to their hearts’ content!

Upgraded Infirmaries

To deal with any health emergencies, our schools consist of a functional sick bay, consisting of experienced and qualified nurses with appropriate over-the-counter pharmaceuticals if required.

At VIBGYOR, we greatly prioritise secure student transportation through our extensive fleet of school buses, which collectively cover thousands of routes every day. We are committed to provide our buses with the highest levels of safety, technology, comfort, quality and service, supplemented with comprehensive training for both, women and men staff members. The drivers are first verified by the local authorities and then specially retrained with a clear emphasis on adhering to all traffic rules at all times, minimal honking when required, driving at optimal speeds, children sensitization programmes, maintaining superior hygiene in all areas of the vehicle and all other aspects of student travel which involve safety, comfort and finally, a delightful journey.

Salient features of our student transportation services are:

At VIBGYOR Roots, we truly believe that providing our students with nutritional meals is one of the most significant enablers towards a healthy adulthood. We constantly strive to provide delicious meals made with the finest, freshest ingredients. Our dedicated team of cooks have been specifically trained for catering to little children and their nutritional requirements.

We have stringent standards of safety and hygiene to ensure your child gets the safest, cleanest and tastiest food on offer during snack break. Few of our safety measures include wearing rubber gloves and face masks for the kitchen staff at all times, along with periodic deep- cleaning and sanitation. We will consider any specific dietary requirements and preferences.

Cooked with love and served with care.

Freshest & finest ingredients sourced for preparing meals.

Weekly pre-scheduled menu.

Local and cultural dishes often given more emphasis.

Fresh drinking water available at all times.

Mandatory gloves and face masks in and around kitchen area.

Regular sanitisation and deep cleaning of entire kitchen area.

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