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Best Play School and Pre School in Panathur, Bengalore

Located in the prime location of Panathur, VIBGYOR Roots, Bangalore, is definitely among the best preschools in Bangalore today. VIBGYOR Roots,Panathur,provides children an exceptional education with each day being fun-filled.

The inclusive preschool programmeis full of learning and play. Emphasis is placed on the social and emotional development of the students.

After the tremendous response for VIBGYOR Roots and Rise in Mumbai, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, branched out into Bangalore with VIBGYOR Roots and Rise, Panathur.

The reputation of VIBGYOR Group of Schools is supported by the pillars of the intellectual, social and athletic achievements of our students. With quality-driven systemic processes, a dedicated and proficient team for teaching and school administration, we are an institution that fosters young talent to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

At VIBGYOR Roots, Panathur, the activities are designed so that the child begins to associate learning with fun. These activities are supported with appropriate equipment and infrastructure, making way for experiential and enjoyable learning sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about playschools in Bangalore (Panathur).

As per the Government Resolution, a child has to complete 3 years of age by December 31 to be eligible for pre-primary/nursery of the following academic year.

VIBGYOR Roots, Panthur, in Bangalore aids in the holistic development of children. The training in the playschool helps children for further development in higher grades. By the time children get to kindergarten, they should be ready to speak in longer phrases and sentences, use a pair of scissors, follow instructions, and kick a ball.

Important concepts taught in VIBGYOR Roots:

  • 1. Calendar
  • 2. Colouring
  • 3. Cutting
  • 4. Drawing and painting
  • 5. Hygiene
  • 6. Letters
  • 7. Listening
  • 8. Appreciation of Nature
  • 9. Numbers
  • 10. Sports
  • 11. Shapes
  • 12. Weather
  • 13. Writing
  • 1. Get a tour of the school and procure the admission form
  • 2. Fill the admission form and submit it
  • 3. Your child will be called for the first round of interview
  • 4. Your child will be called for the second round of interview
  • 5. Send the first choice letter

Generally, children between the ages of 2.5 to 4 years are enrolled in the nursery section in pre-primary schools in Bangalore.

Below are some important factors to consider before taking admission in a pre-primary school in Panathur.

  • 1. Distance: Consider the location of the preschool. Make sure your child doesn’t have to spend long hours commuting.
  • 2. School Campus: Before making a final decision, visit the preschools in Bangalore shortlisted by you. Make sure there are adequate safety and security measures.
  • 3. Credibility: Don’t get swayed by a school’s infrastructure. Also, go through the reviews of the school.
  • 4. Teachers and faculty: The best preschools near you should have teachers who exude warmth and love.
  • 5. Teaching Methodology: The curriculum in preschools may vary. So, before taking admission check the curriculum.
  • 6. Communication and Transparency: VIBGYOR Roots, Panathur, usually maintains a transparent channel of communication with parents.

Your child deserves the best so go through every detail and make an informed decision.

VIBGYOR Roots, Panathur, offers state-of-the-art transportation facilities with adequate safety and security features.

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